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About Varied / Professional Official Beta Tester Sara Julin Ingelmark25/Female/Sweden Groups :iconhototos: Hototos
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Sara Julin Ingelmark
Artist | Professional | Varied
My pictures/drawings are not to be posted on other websites or published in medias without my written permission. Stolen items will be dealt with as suited and lawyers might get involved. Yes. I have a lawyer.

Don't take pictures which is copyrighted, which everything is in my gallery.

:bulletblue: Tumblr
:bulletblue: Youtube…
:bulletblue: Livestream
:bulletblue: Commission
:bulletblue: Rosendal Stables…
:bulletblue: JullelinPhotography


For Tumblepatchkits Only
Unicorn Auction - ENDED by Jullelin
For Tumblepatchkits Only.
For MythicalPrancer Only
Pura Raza Espanola Auction #1 ENDED by Jullelin
For MythicalPrancer Only.
Horse Designs
Thoroughbred Commission #2 by Jullelin
Thoroughbred Auction #3 ENDED by Jullelin
Pura Raza Espanola Auction #1 ENDED by Jullelin
Pura Raza Espanola Auction #2 ENDED by Jullelin
Get a Thoroughbred design with first season included.

Send me the following information:
- Breed: (Thoroughbreds and PRE, other requests, Contact me first) 
- Gender:
- Base Color:
- Facial/leg markins:
- Other:
Commission Hototo's
Hototo Christmas Give Away - CLOSED by Jullelin
Do you want a custom designed Hototo?
No Rare colors here.

Send me the following information:
- Gender:
- Base Color: (is it grey, white, roan etc)
- Amount of stripes: (minimum, medium or fully striped)
- Stripes/Aura color: (for ex, what shades of blue, green, pink etc do you want)
- Facial/leg markins:
- Other:

More info about the breed, visit Hototos
Commission Hototo Foals
Hototo Foal Base by Jullelin
Hototo Filly - New Owner by Jullelin
What Kind Of Foal You Can Get
- You can/might get rare coloration's due to a random system.
- Genetics will be considered when creating the foal.
- Random Gender of the foal (if not stated)
- Foal's template will gain the foal 0,5 CP in Hototos
- You may ask for certain treats such as colors if you have certain wishes.

Info I Need To Create A Foal
- Link to Sire's Ref:
- Link to Dam's Ref:
- Other/Wishes:
Commission Rare Hototo's
Silver Dapple by Jullelin
Smoky Black by Jullelin
Dark Bay by Jullelin
Do you want a rare Hototo? The price is high to get one.
(I have the right to decline a design if needed.)

You can choose rare stripe colors, but also rare base colors.
You find all info on what is rare and what is not at Hototos
Only a couple of slots are open.
(Rare Base color + Rare Stripe color aren't included in this price. Multicolored included. Only one is allowed.)

Send me the following information:
- Gender:
- Base Color: 
- Amount of stripes:
- Stripes/Aura color:
- Facial/leg markings:
- Other:

More info about the breed, visit Hototos
Welcome on race day at Rosendal Racecourse. 

Because of a new and strong affiliation with Imperial Stables, the board of Imperial and Rosendal
has decided to provide the horse racing community with one race each month on the two tracks.
One month the races takes place at Rosendal and the other month it will be at Imperials. The recent
race was in Austria and therefor the next race will take place in Sweden. To view the Imperial Race
visit this link…

Feel the adrenaline of the track!

Dare to Dream Stakes

Grade: G3
Purse: 50.000 
€    25.000 € - 12.500 € - 6.250 € - 3.175 € - 1.587 € - 793 €
Distance: 3400 meter (start is at the 3400 m mark on the track map down below)
Laps: 2 (direction; right)
Going: Heavy
Conditions: Sunny (Rained the night before, wet track) - Autumn day
Track: Grass track
Category: Open Colt's, Fillies, Stallions & Mares
Age Group: 2-8 year old

To participate, send me a note with your application and information 
about your potential horse and jockey. Then wait for an answer if 
you have been accepted or turned down. If you become accepted you 
will receive a starting number and has the permission to enter the race.

How To Register
Send me a note with the following information;

- Horses name (name + link to reference)
- Breed: (Only Thoroughbreds are accepted).
- Gender:
- Age: 
- Preferences: (Sprinter, Middle, Intermediate, Stayer etc)
- Position: (Front, pack, back)
- Going: (Fast, Good, Slow, Heavy or Dead)
Direction: (Which direction does your horse prefer to run, left, right or neither)
- Jockey’s name:
- Country: (Which country do you compete for)
- Stable: (which stable do you compete for)
- Previous pictures: (link to proof the horse is trained in racing)

After you have received a note from me with my acceptation, you may 
enter. Draw your horse somewhere during the race with your personal
start number on. You can make a head shot or a full body. But try to keep
the background as the racetrack looks like.

Rosendal Park Map - Update due to Issues by Jullelin

:new: The Racetrack - Video

(worth mentioning, in the center of the paddock is the statue of 
RD's Devil Wears Prada) 

The Paddock……

The Track……

The Final Stretch……


1st Place - A portrait of the winning horse in the winner circle.
150 :points:, ribbon, trophy and a free breeding to a RD's thoroughbred
where the foal receives a 2 seasons career created in Horse Racing Manager. 

2nd place - 100 :points: & a ribbon.

3rd Place - 50 :points: & a ribbon

Runner ups, 4th-6th place - A Ribbon.

Judges Choice - A thoroughbred foal with Pedigree. (Judged and chosen by effort in the picture.)

Winners will be selected through a livestream where the race will be recorded so that everyone can view
the race and cheer on the horses. Yes, you will be able to watch an actual race with the horses where they fight down 
the finish.

- The 30th of October
If your drawing isn't in by that date, your entry will be scratched and you will receive a random reason why your horse
did not make it to the gates. 

- 31th of October, is when the actual race takes place, and when I will be livestreaming the outcome. More about the time
for broadcast will follow.


- If you don't have a horse in the race, don't despair. Because you can still participate by betting on the horses on who
the winner will be. If you guess the correct horse for the win, and manages to guess the closest time to the actual winning
time, then you have won the betting.
- Prize for winning the betting is a 1 season career from Horse Racing Manager, which you can apply to any of your horses
+ 50 :points:.

Send a note with following information:
Horse: (who are you betting on as the winner)
Time: (times between 3:22:00 and 3:37:00 . Milliseconds are counted)


The Field - FULL
RD's Emirando - Stallion - 5 yo - Intermediate - Pack - Good - Right ........................................ Shiro Long - SWE - RD's - Proof - Entry
Point 2 Point - Mare - 6 yo - Intermediate-Stayer - Pack - Good - Neither ....................... Felicity Lewis - UK - CDS - Proof
RD's Kraken - Colt - 4 yo - Sprinter - Pack - Heavy - Right ............................................... Madelynn Weller - SWE - YFS - Proof
Flyinge's Diamond Star - Filly - 3 yo - Sprinter - Pack - Fast - Right ............................. Emily Danils - SWE - FS - Proof
WBS Cherry Red Wine - Mare - 5 yo - Sprinter - Pack - Good - Neither ........................ Jimmy O'Bailey - UK - HH - Proof
RPS Catwalk - Mare - 5 yo - Sprinter - Front - Good - Neither .......................................... Nora Merrino - AU - R&I - Proof
Sofiya - Filly - 3 yo - Sprinter - Front - Good - Neither ..................................... Róbert-Lázló Füredi - AU - WCS - Proof
HTS Atomic Bomb - Stallion - 6 yo - Stayer - Pack - Good - Right .................................... Katara LeBlanc - SPA - HTS - Proof
Riflesso del Cristallo Della Fonte - Stallion - 5 yo - Stayer - Pack - Good - Neither ..... Aurora Giglia - USA - BMR - Proof
LWs Bella Bianco - Mare - 5 yo - Sprinter - Front - Good - Neither ............................... Jane Andersson - SWE - LWS - Proof
REC Carribean Rum Punch - Stallion - 4,5 yo - Middle - Front - Fast - Neither .......... Kian Baker - NET - REC - Proof
Poler Express - Stallion - 7 yo - Middle - Pack - Good - Neither ...................................... Chris Montez - USA - LHR - Proof
OE Twilight Zone - Colt - 4 yo - Intermediate - Pack - Good - Left ................................. Kaylin Schneider - CAN - O'ME - Proof
RM's Clean Streak - Colt - 4 yo - Intermediate - Pack - Good - Neither ......................... Rayne Romerez - CAN - RMS - Proof
TPS Run for Liberty - Mare - 8 yo - Sprinter - Front - Good - Neither .......................... Tyler O'Connor - IRE - TPS - Proof

:new: Pictures from the Race
old lady back on track by BloodyLys


Winners and Runner ups

To come

- The horse you are entering have to be trained in horse racing. Provide a 
proof as a training session or a horse race from before.
- You must draw your horse at Rosendal Racetrack, either a detailed
or simple background. 
- Jockey needs to be included in the picture.
- Jockey must wear the stable’s colors and silks
- Horse Must wear a red blanket with yellow edges and their respective number. 
- Reference pictures are allowed, but if you use one, provide a link to the ref.
- No premade lineart allowed, nor is tracing. If used it will result in disqualification
- You may draw your horse anywhere at the track, but not crossing the finish line.
- Only registrated stables are allowed to compete in this event.
- Horse and Jockey must be visible to at least 50 %
- You may only enter one horse.

If you have any questions you are welcome to ask.


My pictures are not to be posted on other websites without my written permission. Stolen items will be dealt with as suited and lawyers might get involved. Yes. I have a lawyer.

Don't take pictures which is copyrighted, which everything is in my gallery.

Help & FAQ

If there is anything you wonder about or want to ask, send me a note and I shall reply to you with my answear on your question.




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Ink1Green Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello me again ^^

I was wondering if you could help me with the Genotype of this horse ~…

I dont know anything about genotypes, so maybe you could help me/? Big thanks
TigerStriped4 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have only just recently started watching you and your work is so inspiring that it has motivated me into do some of my own. My determination to get better at digital drawings is thanks to you.

Here is what you have inspired me to do:

Can't for more of your amazing art :)
Miesho Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, just wanted to know if you're doing any collabs/role-playing? Btw, i love your gallery<3
equinefreak00 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Jullelin, you are an amazing artist. I watched your video on youtube this morning before i joined. I was pretty much in awe looking at your drawings. they are beautiful. Do you think you could give me any tips? If you could that would be totally awesome.
Jullelin Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Professional General Artist
Why thank you, Equine. I am glad you like my artwork :aww:
Any particular tips you have in mind? 
equinefreak00 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome :)
Well maybe what some of the tools do on the DAmuro.
equinefreak00 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome :)
Well maybe what some of the tools do on the DAmuro.
Tigra1988 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are Invited to the WS Elite Dressage Event!
CR666 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the watch :) 
Etskuni Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
Thanks a lot for the :+fav: :hug:
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