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Artist | Professional | Varied
My pictures are not to be posted on other websites without my written permission. Stolen items will be dealt with as suited and lawyers might get involved. Yes. I have a lawyer.

Don't take pictures which is copyrighted, which everything is in my gallery.

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Pray for my external hard drive filled with 2 years of work, which crashed last night. Hopefully it can be saved... QQ
I cringe so hard when a fantasy breed are awfully close another OLDER fantasy breed in the design.


Reference Drawing
RD's Frigolit by Jullelin
RD's Russicus by Jullelin
RD's Furie Bleue by Jullelin
If you don't have the time to make your own reference, you can order one from me.
I offer:
- High quality references (which you can download and re-upload),
- Full body,
- Your own chosen pose (if desired).

- Price depends on details of the character, but 3500 is the foundation of the body and base color.
Additional characteristics such as detailed markings, advanced hair creations or additional body parts is extra.
Contact me if your character falls into this category. 
Commission Multicolored Hototo's
Hototo Christmas Give Away - CLOSED by Jullelin
Example #9.

Do you want a custom designed Hototo?
Multicolored striped Hototo's are still considered rare, hence the price to get one.
(I have the right to decline a design if needed.) 

Send me the following information:
- Gender:
- Base Color:
- Amount of stripes:
- Stripes/Aura color:
- Facial/leg markings:
- Other:

More info about the breed, visit Hototos
Titus Owl - Common & Uncommon
RD's Lazuli by Jullelin
The Titus Owl - Features by Jullelin
Titus Owl - Auction #3 ENDED by Jullelin
Do you want a Titus Owl of your own?
- Up to 3 uncommon attributes are allowed on the design.
- I have the right to decline a design if needed.

Send me the following information:
- Head Shape:
- Facial Features:
- Facial Markings:
- Eyes:
- Wings:
- Hown:

- Gender:
- Color & Shades of the Feathers: 

- Other:

Special requests, send me a note before placing a order, and we can talk about your specific owl.
Horse Designs
Thoroughbred Auction #3 ENDED by Jullelin
Gupsy Vanner Auction #1 ENDED by Jullelin
Pura Raza Espanola Auction #1 ENDED by Jullelin
Arabian Auction #1 ENDED by Jullelin
Warmblood Auction #1 ENDED by Jullelin
Thoroughbred's design comes with first season on track.

Send me the following information:
- Breed: (Thoroughbreds, PRE, Arabian, Warmblood or Gypsy Vanner. For other requests, Contact me first) 
- Gender:
- Base Color:
- Facial/leg markins:
- Other:
Hototo Designs
Hototo Auction #9 - Ended by Jullelin
Hototo Auction #33 - Ended by Jullelin
Hototo Auction #24 - Ended by Jullelin

Do you want a custom designed Hototo?
No Rare colors here.

Send me the following information:
- Type: (Heavy, Light or Pony.)
- Gender:
- Base Color: (is it grey, white, roan etc)
- Amount of stripes: (minimum, medium or fully striped)
- Stripes/Aura color: (for ex, what shades of blue, green, pink etc do you want)
- Facial/leg markins:
- Other:

More info about the breed, visit Hototos
Rare Hototo Designs - Lower Price!
Hototo Auction #34 - Ended by Jullelin
Hototo Auction # 10 ENDED by Jullelin
Do you want a rare Hototo? The price is high to get one.
(I have the right to decline a design if needed.)

You can choose rare stripe colors, but also rare base colors.
You find all info on what is rare and what is not at Hototos
Only a couple of slots are open.
(Rare Base color + Rare Stripe color aren't included in this price. Multicolored included. Only one is allowed.)

Send me the following information:
- Type: (Heavy, Light or Pony)
- Gender:
- Base Color: 
- Amount of stripes:
- Stripes/Aura color:
- Facial/leg markings:
- Other:

More info about the breed, visit Hototos

Help & FAQ


Jullelin has started a donation pool!
892 / 4,000
I am currently saving to update my art software.
I would be extremely grateful if my dear watchers would donate points for a even higher standard on my art.

Kind Regards, Jullelin

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Grimhoof Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Her domain by Grimhoof

My apologies once again for a wait! But here's the finish of your commission c:
MelonHeadGirl Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016  Student General Artist
Thank you you know what for! ;)

And I'm so sorry but I think I un-watched you by accident a while back and didn't realise! I did wonder why I wasn't seeing any of your stuff in my inbox.... :noes: oh well, rectified now!
landobaldur Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016  Professional General Artist
◖(◣☩◢)◗ *beep* *boop* ##.scanning environment.## *flies away*
LostUponAWalkingDead Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! My best friend introduced me to your page and I ADORE your art. My absolute favorites are your Orca art. I am obsessed with Orcas, they are my favorite animal and have been studying them for about 5-6 years as a hobby. I was wondering if you've ever considered drawing Iceberg the all white albino Orca? He's gorgeous and I LOVE how you draw them accurately. The only problem is there aren't a lot of reference pictures to use for him because he's so rarely seen. 
La-xiqueta Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2016
Hi! i come to do a bit of advertisement for my group^^ i just created a new breed and may be, if you go and check it out you'll like it!…

thank you!
jaythiings Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2016  Student General Artist
hi hi
I was thinking of getting a light type hototo but i'm not involved at all in harpg things, would it be cool to just use it as a character? :D whenever i do get around to getting one aha 
Jullelin Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Professional General Artist
Hi Jaythiings.
Ofcourse, you can still get a Hototo and just use it as an character for your
own pleasure. You don't need a stable or anything :)
Orchidor Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey Hun could I get the points back for the pony hototo 
I was thinking about it and I'm probably not going to draw him :(
Jullelin Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Professional General Artist
Send me a note with info so I know for sure which one you still want me to design.
So I don't accidentally mix them up.
Naderia Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hejsan! Fina konstverk du har ^^ hittade dina DA via (Draw with Jazza)! Du gör jätte snygga verk fortsätt med det!
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