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Sara Julin Ingelmark
Artist | Professional | Varied
My pictures are not to be posted on other websites without my written permission. Stolen items will be dealt with as suited and lawyers might get involved. Yes. I have a lawyer.

Don't take pictures which is copyrighted, which everything is in my gallery.

:bulletblue: Tumblr
:bulletblue: Youtube…
:bulletblue: Livestream
:bulletblue: Commission
:bulletblue: Rosendal Stables…
:bulletblue: JullelinPhotography


Horse Designs
Thoroughbred Auction #3 ENDED by Jullelin
Gupsy Vanner Auction #1 ENDED by Jullelin
Pura Raza Espanola Auction #1 ENDED by Jullelin
Arabian Auction #1 ENDED by Jullelin
Warmblood Auction #1 ENDED by Jullelin
Thoroughbred's design comes with first season on track.

Send me the following information:
- Breed: (Thoroughbreds, PRE, Arabian, Warmblood or Gypsy Vanner. For other requests, Contact me first) 
- Gender:
- Base Color:
- Facial/leg markins:
- Other:
Commission Hototo's
Hototo Auction # 10 ENDED by Jullelin
Hototo Auction #9 - Ended by Jullelin
Hototo Auction #11 ENDED by Jullelin
Hototo Auction # 12 ENDED by Jullelin
Do you want a custom designed Hototo?
No Rare colors here.

Send me the following information:
- Type: (Heavy or Light Built)
- Gender:
- Base Color: (is it grey, white, roan etc)
- Amount of stripes: (minimum, medium or fully striped)
- Stripes/Aura color: (for ex, what shades of blue, green, pink etc do you want)
- Facial/leg markins:
- Other:

More info about the breed, visit Hototos
Commission Hototo Foals
Hototo Foal Base by Jullelin
Hototo Filly - New Owner by Jullelin
What Kind Of Foal You Can Get
- You can/might get rare coloration's due to a random system.
- Genetics will be considered when creating the foal.
- Random Gender of the foal (if not stated)
- Foal's template will gain the foal 0,5 CP in Hototos
- You may ask for certain treats such as colors if you have certain wishes.

Info I Need To Create A Foal
- Link to Sire's Ref:
- Link to Dam's Ref:
- Other/Wishes:
Commission Rare Hototo's
Silver Dapple by Jullelin
Smoky Black by Jullelin
Do you want a rare Hototo? The price is high to get one.
(I have the right to decline a design if needed.)

You can choose rare stripe colors, but also rare base colors.
You find all info on what is rare and what is not at Hototos
Only a couple of slots are open.
(Rare Base color + Rare Stripe color aren't included in this price. Multicolored included. Only one is allowed.)

Send me the following information:
- Type: (Heavy or Light Built)
- Gender:
- Base Color: 
- Amount of stripes:
- Stripes/Aura color:
- Facial/leg markings:
- Other:

More info about the breed, visit Hototos

The Hototo Portrait Mini Show - Results

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 27, 2014, 8:46 AM

Edit: First things first. Wow you guys. You surely made this extremely
hard for me to judge. But after lots of thinking back and forward I finally
reached a conclusion. Thank you so very much for your lovely entries and
I hope to see you again in the next mini show.

Welcome to this mini show for Hototo's.

The show is simple. Just draw a portrait of your Hototo.
Winners will be judged from 1-10 (with a random micro number, ex 7,89).
All types of Hototo's are allowed. You may draw backgrounds but it is not
necessary, more optional. The event will last for 1 week. I am sure you
can managed to produce some art during this time.

Example of acceptable Portraits - (without the backgrounds)
Shades of Tiny Sparkles by Jullelin Wishful Beauty by Jullelin Demantur Auction by Jullelin

Entries should contain the following information about the Hototo;
Name: (link to ref included)
Type: (Light, Heavy or cross)

Portrait Class I Entries.
Splendour by kittykatscout Mosse's Portrait Mini Show Entry by ANIMALGIRL1869Hototo Portrait Mini Show - Stjerne by ReneeScarted
             8,15p                                 7,37p                              7,39p

Eri Portrait by TsonianFieldsRanch Leelee Portrait by TsonianFieldsRanch Havardr Portrait show entry by ANIMALGIRL1869
             7,78p                             6,27p                                6,01p

The Hototo Portrait Mini Show - Alsvidr by MoonyArsaraidh Teemu -  Hototo Portrait Mini Show by rosiegato Pop Of Color - Engil's Portrait Mini Show Entry by TwiWolf
              7,27p                                6,43p                               7,02p
winter wonderland by BloodyLys Heimdall Portrait Mini Show by Okami-Haru Brody headshot Entry by CieloNord
             9,75p                                  8,62p                              7,31p

Let it go by Dark-Mare910 Rothgar Portrait Mini Show by Okami-Haru Alegria Portrait Entry by SWC-arpgVoss Portrait Entry by SWC-arpg
           8,0p                          7,77p                     8,14p                       8,52p                

Zarkana Portrait Entry by samuRAI-same Totem Portrait Entry by samuRAI-same Fjornir portrait Entry by Meykka Brynjar portrait Entry by Meykka
         7,21p                       9,30p                      9,91p                        8,03p

Kapp's Portrait Mini Show by hossy-n ~.:.Frow Hototo Portrait Mini Show.:.~ by RowgOfDarkness
        7,61p                        6,99p

1st Place - Fjornir portrait Entry by Meykka with 9,91p
2nd Place - winter wonderland by BloodyLys with 9,75p
3rd Place -  Totem Portrait Entry by samuRAI-same with 9,30p

- Every participant receives a Runner Ups Ribbon.


1st Place - A Ribbon, 30 :points:, featured widget at Hototos
2nd place - A Ribbon
3rd Place - A Ribbon
Runner ups, A Ribbon.

:new: Ribbons are made.

The Hototo Portrait Mini Show - 1st Place by JullelinThe Hototo Portrait Mini Show - 2nd Place by JullelinThe Hototo Portrait Mini Show - 3rd Place by JullelinThe Hototo Portrait Mini Show - Participator by Jullelin

- Reference pictures are allowed, but if you use one, provide a link to the ref.
- Only Hototo's (light and heavy, 50% crossed) are allowed to compete in this event.
- Hototo should look decent and clean like in a halter show. Bridles optional.
- Each owner can compete with 2 entries (not with the same horse).
- Send in your entries as a comment to this journal.
- Deadline is Friday the 5th of December at 10 pm (Scandinavian timezone)

If you have any questions you are welcome to ask.


Help & FAQ



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Hi, I'm sorry to bug you I was just curious on if you could help me. I sent a note to the group.. but i guess im just being impatient x.x

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