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November 23, 2013


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Rosendal's Agility Show - Winners

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 23, 2013, 2:02 PM

Welcome to this little event at Rosendal.

A time to just have fun with loads of laugher and playful times with your horse.

All horses can enter. It doesn't matter if a shetland pony is competing against a warmblood or draft, everyone is competing on the same terms. Ponies simply gets some extra seconds to compete against the bigger horses depending on their size. But also drafts gets a few seconds extra compared to the warmbloods. So. A pony and draft can easily compete with a warmblood or lighter and faster breeds. But this doesn't mean Warmbloods are the best breed for this event, right.

The Event

You and your horse is to finish a little course of obstacles. By hand. The handler is running along side the horse to guide it through the course of obstacles and lead it to the finish.
Depending on how well you know your horse, you can either choose to have the horse in full liberty, or have it in a halter. You choose yourself. Have fun with your horse.
Don't get upset if your horse doesn't want to do something, it will only give the audience and watchers a good laugh because of the cuteness. It's a show for fun and not for glory.

The Course

<da:thumb id="415467002"/>


<da:thumb id="415471482"/>


- All horses are allowed.
- All ages allowed (both horses and riders).
- You may enter as many horses as you want. No limit.
- You may draw the handler, but not important.
- At least 3/4 of the horse should be visible in the pic.
- At least simple background required. 
- No pre-made drawings or lineart.
- No pre-registration.
- Deadline is December 23rd (at midnight to the 24th.)


- Send your entry as a comment reply on this journal.

How To Win

Be creative and have fun. 
I will mainly look at the picture and compare it to your other drawings in your gallery. So put some extra effort into it to make sure you get a placing. 
You can win even if you draw your horse refusing to do something, who knows. Maybe they are quicker on other things. 


1st. Horse portrait of your choice + 200 Points
2nd. Free design + 200 Points
3rd. 200 Points  
4th to 6th. 50 Points


<da:thumb id="415627020"/> <da:thumb id="416120840"/> <da:thumb id="416351410"/> <da:thumb id="416549119"/>

<da:thumb id="416955205"/> <da:thumb id="417220648"/> <da:thumb id="417527707"/>

<da:thumb id="417721807"/> <da:thumb id="419227078"/> <da:thumb id="419240565"/>

<da:thumb id="419318584"/> <da:thumb id="415736136"/> <da:thumb id="420155940"/>

<da:thumb id="420386214"/> <da:thumb id="420314138"/> <da:thumb id="420742801"/>

<da:thumb id="420895613"/> <da:thumb id="420899212"/> <da:thumb id="421522518"/> <da:thumb id="421629300"/>

<da:thumb id="421648720"/> <da:thumb id="421694440"/> <da:thumb id="422287936"/> <da:thumb id="421819258"/>

<da:thumb id="421819888"/>


It was hard to judge your drawings guys, but after loads of consideration I finally made 
my decision. Thank you for entering and I hope to see you all in the next show.

<da:thumb id="420895613"/>
This was so cute and deserved a placement.

 <da:thumb id="420386214"/>
A gorgeous drawing with loads of details. Very Beautiful.

<da:thumb id="420899212"/>
This little mini comic is very entertaining and cute.

<da:thumb id="416549119"/>
All the pretty colors and a pretty little horse in it all. Really cute drawing.

<da:thumb id="415627020"/>
This drawing and story made me laugh. 
How often haven't this happened to us when we are showing horses in this discipline?

<da:thumb id="421629300"/>
I absolutely love the concept and it is a worthy winner with it's creativity.

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wow, great show idea, great entries! :D
WindFlowerGirl Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you sosososmuch, you can't imagine how much this means to me! D: there were sooo many gorgeous gorgeous entries, ahhhh, I never ever saw this coming o.O I GO AND HUG THE WORLD NOW *out*
congrats to you all! :dummy:
Congratz!! :D Your entry was sooo hilarious!
WindFlowerGirl Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
daww, thanks :tighthug: but yours too! D: I was sooo sure you'd win or of course place higher than me DD: congrats to you too, awesome entry you made :heart:
Dawww, thats so sweet! :D But your entry definately deserved the 1st place! :aww: And it's kinda funny that our horses silly actions made them place so high! :D When we just thought they would mess up, they actually fixed it and placed so high! :giggle:
WindFlowerGirl Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhh, thank you so much! :huggle:
thihi, indeed! silly ponies are just adorable :heart: was yesterday sooo adkjfhajkdfhdsf that I couldn't hold myself from drawing a little answer xD here xD
and thank you a looot for the watch! you have no clue how much this means to me! :hug:
Haha, placing high (1st, 2nd, 3rd) always makes me feel like that too! :dummy: And what a funny answer hahaha. :D Hilarious! You are welcome, your art is so fun to look at! :D
WindFlowerGirl Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
indeed! :dummy: nawww, thankuuuu :tighthug:
Yeeeh, Normy got 2nd! :dummy: I guess Jin got him to move after all! ;P Not bad for that cranky little Fjord. :giggle:
Jullelin Dec 27, 2013  Professional General Artist
Haha, it was such a adorable drawing xD
I am sure Jin had a final trick on how to make Normy move xD
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